Rotarian Tim Lohr introduced Vickie Lambert as his guest for the February 10 Kentland Rotary Club meeting.  Lambert is the Director of the Newton County Adult Learning Center, which is located in the Newton County Government Center in Morocco. The purpose of the Learning Center is to provide residents of Newton County assistance in furthering their education so that they may better their opportunities for employment.

            Lambert explained that Adult Education programs in Indiana had historically been under the direction of the Indiana Department of Education, but in 2010 that was shifted to the Indiana Department of Workforce Development. Along with this shift came an increase in focus to offer more assistance to the unemployed as well as providing guidance to young people who had not received a High School diploma and where in need of GED training.

            Lambert then shared about the changes that took effect at the beginning of 2014. The state of Indiana, as well as many other states, have changed from the General Education Development (GED) exam to a Test Assessing Secondary Completion (TASC). TASC is a national test for a diploma for those who have not completed high school. Lambert stated that it was still too early to say for sure how much different the preparation for the new test will be compared to the old. She is hopeful that Newton County will be added as an official testing location, so that local residents will not have to travel to Lafayette or Portage to take the test.

            In addition to education assistance offered at the Morocco site, Lambert travels to the Newton County Jail twice a week to work with inmates. Several inmates have passed their GED exam over the past few years.

            The Kentland Rotary Club meets at the Steve Ryan Community Center every Monday at noon.