Want to know how the new Affordable Care Act will affect health care delivery.  Dr.  Steven Witz,  the Director of the Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Enginering at Purdue, which is privately funded but draws on University resources in engineering and other disciplines,  will be the featured program at the noon, October 14th Kentland Rotary Club Meeting at the Steven Ryan Community Center in Kentland.  Dr. Witz is an individual with a real command of issues including the Affordable Care Act and also the future of healthcare delivery.  He speaks plainly and clearly with a nonpartisan bent to his audience.   The website to check out the Center and Dr Witz is www.purdue.edu/rche and I would encourage you to look at it.  Click on the About tab which will describe the center but you can drop down and click on People: Staff to check out Dr. Witz and other associated personnel.  This is a truly flagship and prestigious Center for Purdue. He is not going to help people sign up to ACA, but will evaluate it in the context of it's impact short and long term on the entire industry, and more importantly how he sees health care delivery in the future.  Kentland Rotary is expecting a large turnout for this program so please make a reservation (no charge) for the meal and program by contacting a Kentland Rotarian or by calling John Frischie at 219-474-6483