Rotarian Kirby Drey has been quite busy installing a new A/V system for the Rotary room at the Steve Ryan Community Center in Kentland. This past Monday during the club’s regular lunch meeting Drey showcased some of the capabilities of the new system.

The guest speaker for the meeting was David Heninger of Conagra Foods in Rensselaer. Heninger joined the meeting via video conference on the club’s new A/V system. Conagra’s Rensselaer plant  employs 187 employees who work in seven different shifts  with each shift containing somewhere between 25 and 15 employees. The plant produces microwave popcorn and has an industry leading safety record of which Heninger is very proud.  After the presentation club members and Heninger engaged in a lively Q&A session.

Club president Candace Armstrong encouraged Rotary members to ‘think outside the room’ when it comes to recruiting future program speakers!The Rotary Club of Kentland meets every Monday at noon at the Steven Ryan Community Center in Kentland.