The Kentland Rotary Club learned about the 3-D printing process from Jim Butler of Butler Tool and Design located in Goodland.  Jim presented a video demonstration of how 3-D printer also known as laser sintering is done.    The end product is designed in 3-D by a computer software program.  The data is fed to the printer unit itself. Objects printed are made with powder plastic materials that are spread in a thin layer on top of the last layer.  A computer controlled laser, tracing a cross-section of the object onto the powder at about one thousandth of an inch at a time. The laser heats the powder which fuses the particles in the powder together into a solid form. Temperatures need to be controlled within one degree.  This process continues over and over until the entire object has been printed.  When the object is fully formed, it is left to cool in the machine before being removed.  Many different objects can be made by the device at the same time.  Several hours are required for the process.  Many products for aerospace, NASCAR, and the automotive industry are built this way.  Thanks to Rotarian Don Wilson for hosting the program.

The Rotary is also assembly cabinets for the Trinity United Methodist Pre-School and will providing food vouchers in cooperation with the Kentland Chamber of Commerce and the Kentland Retail Merchants.  Rotary members will be carrying out groceries at Murphy ‘s Food King on Saturday December 21st from 8 am to noon.  Donations will be accepted for additional funding to the Kentland Food Pantry.