Rev. Ken Vance, a missionary pilot and serves in Ndola, Zambia, Africa presented the Program at the noon luncheon meeting of the Kentland Rotary on Monday October 21st.

Rev. Vance is involved with the needs of the people he serves by providing both jobs and the production of food through agriculture. The first agricultural practice started in Zambia through the mission station was a woodworking shop. The mission station partnered with the equivalent of our forestry department in Zambia to harvest the rare species of trees for carpentry uses. He also mentioned that they are big in banana and aloe vera production but it takes two years to produce the first crop of bananas and shade for the aloe vera. So they start families raising chickens so they can have food and income in just 6 to 8 weeks. Aquaculture for fish farming is also utilized if communities are close enough to a dependable water source. Widows, outcasts in their society, are given sewing classes and a machine for an income source. Rev. Vance reminded the members of the proverb that states, you can give a person a fish and they can eat for a day, or you can teach a person to fish and they can fish for a lifetime. He stated then, but if you are involved with the needs of the people, you will better understand how to serve them best.  

Rev. Vance and his wife Debbie are visiting the States to officiate at their son’s wedding in Georgia. Rev. Vance grew up in Earl Park and attended Benton Central Schools. They have a son Joshua and a daughter Stacy both living in Marion, IN.  Reverend Vance was the guest of Chris Knochel.