The Kentland Rotary Club joined with the Thrivent Action Team to support the Rotary’s annual Food Pantry and Voucher Drive. The Rotary Club in cooperation with Thrivent, Kentland Chamber of Commerce, Kentland Retail Merchants Assn. and private donors provided $2450.00 in $25 food vouchers to needy families in the Kentland, Goodland, and Brook communities that were suggested by Town Marshalls, Township Trustees, churches and the Food Pantry.  The Rotary Club provided the funds for the publicity and that allowed the entire $250.00 to be used for food for the Kentland Covenant Federated Food Pantry.  Rotary members volunteer as "carry outs and sackers for 6 hours on Saturday December 20th 2014 at Murphy's Food King. We distributed $2450.00 in food vouchers, collected $765.81 in donations, and collected an additional packed full grocery cart of food items.  The volunteers enjoyed the "Live Generously" T-shirts provided by Thrivent and the Thrivent Action team banner was displayed on the service counter.  This project is also part of the Kentland Rotary Club's activity to support the Rotary Has Heart program   This a perfect example of groups working together to meet serious needs in a community.