The Kentland Rotary Raffle winner for a truck or $20,000.00 this year was Dene Mattocks of Rensselaer Indiana.  Dene’s number was pulled from the 450 numbers on Monday September 2nd in Kentland.  The 2nd prize winner of $1,500.00 was Lori Weiss of Kentland. Robert Garza of Crete, Il received the prize of $750.All of the 450 tickets were sold again this year.  Al Emond Jr. Indianapolis, John Hall Kentland, David Gurthridge Boswell, Tom Suiter Earl Park, Brandt Stum Kentland, Daniel Molter Kentland, and Mary Madison Lake Village, all received $150.00 prizes. The Kentland Rotary Club would like to thank Emerson Sondgerath Motors for their support in this project.   The Club would also like to thank the Newton County Fair and the Earl Park Fall Festival for the opportunity to sell tickets during their events. Most of all the Kentland Rotary Club would like to thank all of those that purchased a ticket. Proceeds from the raffle have funded over $150,000.00 in scholarships and additional donations to the Kentland Food Pantry, Kentland Fire Department, and other local charities.