Left Jim Schoen   Right Grace Clark

Grace Clark was the speaker for the noon meeting of the Kentland Rotary on Monday August 26th. Grace is starting her Junior Year at Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion IN. This summer she spent 2 1/2 weeks in Cambodia as part of a mission trip from IWU studying Human Trafficking and took part in a Pastors Retreat. They spent most of their time in Phnom Penh working with two groups, Chab Doi and Daughters of Cambodia. Chab Doi is trying to determine where the Trafficking is taking place and stop some of the sources. Daughters of Cambodia are working with the girls to train them in other jobs, such as Shops, Spa's, and Cafe's, so they can learn to support themselves.

       Facts about Cambodia:

·         No middle class, poor and rich

·         36% of the population has access to safe drinking water

·         Largest nation for Human Trafficking

·         43% of the Victims of Human Trafficking are 12-17 and for sexual exploitation

·         Rats outnumber the people 2 to 1

Human Trafficking also includes the promise of higher paying jobs, that normally doesn't occur or and opportunity to get out of debt working for no pay. It is very hard to break the cycle due to the need for money and the fear of being punished for trying to leave.

In other Rotary business President Armstrong reminded members of the Rotary Pancake Breakfast on September 21st.   The signup sheet for Earl Park Festival was filled to complete the Rotary Truck Raffle Sale.   John Frischie reported that the Kentland Food Pantry was in need of a freezer and Steve Portteus offered one that remained in the Bonnell Building.  Rotary members Steve Portteus, Tim Lohr, and John Frischie along with Dennis Morgan and Rick Yates assisted in the delivery of the freezer to the Kentland Food Pantry on Tuesday.