Kentland Rotary Club Meeting:  Feb 17, 2014

Rotarian & VISKASE® Quality Engineering Manager Greg Hall presented the program at the Kentland Rotary Club on Monday, Feb. 17. He spoke about the history of VISKASE® and presented a video showing how hot dogs and casings are made.   The video was filmed for the TV show Food Tech, which was originally aired on the History Channel in April 2010.

VISKASE® began as the Visking Corporation back in 1925, in the Chicago Union Stockyards.  The company was founded by Erwin O. Freund, who discovered that he could make a sausage casing that could be used to replace animal intestine casings.  By accident, he discovered that when the cellulose casings were removed from the cooked hot dogs that the sausages retained their shape and were firm---the skinless sausage was born!

Today, VISKASE® manages a global sales and distribution network that reaches virtually every country of the world.  VISKASE® employs over 1,300 people in its manufacturing and distribution facilities in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.


The Kentland Rotary Club meets at the Steve Ryan Community Center every Monday at noon.