On Monday March 3, 2014, Mike Blanding and his wife Melissa were guest speakers for the Kentland Rotary luncheon.  Mike discussed the future of their company INTX Microbials LLC and the merger last fall with Verdesian Life Sciences LLC of Cary, North Carolina.  INTX has been a local employer in Kentland since 2002. They sell biological organisms and seed inoculants that are manufactured, packaged, and distributed from their Kentland facilities. The INTX products are distributed all around the world.  Mike states that the future of agriculture is focused on continued improvement of water and air quality, as well as producing safe to use and consume crops for consumers. In today's world they must meet an increasingly scrutinized regulatory system. Microbial technology provides a high-tech delivery system to seed and soil, that is both safe and environmentally friendly.  He also states that the Kentland location is ideal for any form of agriculture related product manufacturing due to the centralized Midwest location.  The recent merger with Verdesian will open doors to a wide variety of research and development. Verdesian owns an extensive product pipeline well in excess of 100 newly patent protected products to help continue the growth of their business here in Kentland.  Mike and Melissa are both 1991 graduates of South Newton High School. Mike is a 1996 graduate of Purdue University, School of Technology.  The Blanding's have three children. Mike is a sixth generation operator, of the McCarty family's Newton County farms.