August 15, 2016
South Newton's new football coach, Brad Bevis, with senior players Craig Wheelock and Josh Messersmith, visited the Kentland Rotary Club's Monday noon luncheon meeting.  Bevis, who served as retiring coach Bell's defensive coordinator for the last three seasons, spoke of the desire to continue the South Newton football tradition with its emphasis on producing productive citizens.  
Since last year's team graduated 16 seniors and there are only four returning lettermen, this year's squad will have its work cut out for it.  They will be playing their first game this coming Friday at North Newton High School.  North Newton will also be a team playing with some inexperienced players.  Plan on supporting the Rebels.  
Kentland Rotary completed a busy week.  Members prepared and served 140 community members breakfast on Saturday August 6.  Thanks to Murphy’s, Hanford Packing, and the Town of Kentland for supporting our efforts.   The “Early Bird” drawing winner was John and Judy Taylor of Brook.  Only 43 tickets remain to be sold.
On August 12 and 13 eight Kentland Rotarians joined the S.A.W. S team to build a wheel chair ramp in Remington.  Thanks to Tim Lohr for organizing the team and Doug Morgan, Jim Schoen, Steve Portteus, Jay Brinkman, Henry Senefelder, and John Frischie
Photo (from left to right): pulling guard Josh Messersmith, coach Brad Bevis, wingback Craig Wheelock, and Rotarian Brandt Stum.