Mike Davis (Left) John Cook (Right)

Mike Davis, President of Agventure D&M, was the guest speaker at the Kentland Rotary Club recently.  The seed company was started 30 years ago when Mike Davis and John Cassidy teamed up and began operations in Oxford, IN.   As the business evolved the headquarters was moved to Kentland in 1989 and 5 years later Agventure D&M began with Mike Davis and Mike Mullen.

The seed company relies on local sales people to market their corn, soybeans and alfalfa seed so that the best genetics for each area can be selected. The local connection is important because of the fast changing technology incorporated in today's seed, as farmers can get help choosing the right product for their particular field.  This growing network of independent sales people spans the four states of Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee. John Cook was the host for the meeting.

In other business Rotary President Candace Armstrong announced the Pancake Breakfast that will be held on Saturday September 21st  at the Trinity United Methodist Church in Kentland.  Proceeds will be used to fund a Rotary donation to the Kentland Jefferson Volunteer Fire Department.    John Frischie Membership chair reported on the District 6540 Membership Seminar he attended on August 17th at the Plymouth, Indiana Library.  Rotary has changed attendance and membership policies to be more flexible and enable more community members an opportunity to participate in the activities of Rotary Clubs.